iTOL annotation editor for spreadsheets

iTOL annotation editor creates a direct link to your iTOL account from Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. It provides simple access to your trees directly in the spreadsheet interface, where you can create new datasets, edit existing ones, define color ranges or update tree labels.

If you don't have an active subscription or institutional access, iTOL annotation editor will function in trial mode. All functions are available for testing, with one important limitation: only the first 5 rows of your data will be processed and saved on the iTOL server. Existing data in iTOL will be overwritten with these 5 rows, and the rest will be deleted. For example, if you are editing the labels on a large tree, only the first five labels will be saved, and the rest will be gone. In trial mode, please use separate trees and data uploaded specifically for evaluating the iTOL annotation editor, since data truncation could occur.

For more information, full help and tutorial video, visit the iTOL annotation editor web page.

To unlock full access to the iTOL annotation editor features, you must be logged into your iTOL account. If you do not have an account yet, please register first.