Upload a new tree

Use this page to upload and visualize a new phylogenetic tree. It should be in a plain text file and in a supported format (Newick, Nexus or PhyloXML). You can also use .jplace files generated by RaxML or pplacer, or .qza trees generated by QIIME 2. Please check the help pages for detailed instructions.

Trees uploaded anonymously will be stored for 30 days, and are not protected from modifications by other users. If you want to keep them private and protected, or have multiple trees to visualize, we recommend creating an iTOL personal account. If you already have an account, please login first.

Datasets and other annotation should be dragged and dropped directly onto the interactive tree. Please check the help pages for detailed instructions and dataset template files. Example tree and annotation files are available for download.

Upload a new tree

Paste your tree into the box below, or select a file using the Tree file selector. You can also simply drag and drop the tree file onto the page (only a regular plain text file, not QIIME QZA files).

Drop a plain text tree file in Newick, Nexus or phyloXML format and iTOL will process and visualize it.